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No hidden fees and no surprises. Your mortgage broker will outline any costs during the initial consultation. This leaves you free to make an informed choice before committing.

Financial Advisor Direct will connect you to a local mortgage broker who will make contact the same day or within 24 hours.

The first consultation lasts around an hour.  This is a fact-finding exercise to find out what you need and how the broker can help.

Financial Advisor Direct offers all types of advisors including  brokers and restricted advisors  who may be limited to fewer options, but they may offer preferential rates.

Finding the right mortgage broker for you

Financial advisors aren’t always called ‘financial advisors’. Instead, they’re sometimes named by their specialism, like ‘mortgage advisor’ or ‘mortgage broker’,

Sometimes, they are known as ‘brokers’ – often when dealing with single products such as:

* Mortgages advice

* Insurance & protection

* Equity Release

Whatever they could be called, what all financial advisors within the UK do have in common is that they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means there are rules they must follow when dealing with you.

Mortgage advice

This includes the following areas of advice:

* First time buyers

* Moving home

* Remortgaging

Why it’s usually a requirement that you get mortgage advice independent mortgage advisers have a wide knowledge of the mortgages available from a wide number of lenders. They can search the market on your behalf and recommend the best deal.

To find these deals on your own involves a lot of research and talking through your circumstances many times with different lenders. They can also improve your chances of being accepted for a mortgage as they’ll know which lenders are best suited to your particular circumstances.

It’s important to see a mortgage broker at the start of your mortgage journey whether it’s your first mortgage or you're looking to re-mortgage. It will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. It’s good idea to speak to a few different firms to see what’s on currently offer and to compare fees. It makes sense to choose a mortgage broker providing a ‘whole of market’ service.

This means they can choose from the biggest number of lenders and mortgages available. Some lenders will have exclusive deals only available if you go to them directly which can help you avoid paying any up front broker fees.

They often help you complete the paperwork, and forms, so your application should be dealt with faster. They’ll help you take all the costs and features of the mortgage into account, beyond the interest rate.

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If you are an independent financial advisor or restricted advisor and would be interested in working with us. Click here to find out more.

While Financial Advisor Direct take every care in making their recommendation, any contract or agreement is between the selected financial advisor and the client. Financial Advisor Direct offers all types of advisors including restricted advisors who may be limited to fewer options, but they may offer preferential rates. 

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