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Home / What is the process?

Finding a financial advisor shouldn't be a lottery.

We'll make sure its not.

We're here to take away the 'don't know where to start' and fingers crossed feeling that comes with dealing with a financial advisor.

All advisors that are introduced to you are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. We also check reviews to ensure they are giving you a good service.

Step One: Enter Your Postcode

This helps us identify any financial advisors in your location.

Step Two: Select Your Service

Use the drop down menu to enter your preferred service and we'll check for suitable candidates.

Step Three: Have a Consultation

Congratulations, you're well on the way to having your own financial advisor!

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If you are an independent financial advisor or restricted advisor and would be interested in working with us. Click here to find out more.

While Financial Advisor Direct take every care in making their recommendation, any contract or agreement is between the selected financial advisor and the client. Financial Advisor Direct offers all types of advisors including restricted advisors who may be limited to fewer options, but they may offer preferential rates. 

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