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Swift response

Financial Advisor Direct will connect you to a local Financial Advisor who will make contact the same day or within 24 hours.

Initial consultation

The first consultation lasts around an hour.  This is a fact-finding exercise to find out what you need and how the advisor can help.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees and no surprises. Your Financial Advisor will outline any costs during the initial consultation. This leaves you free to make an informed choice before committing.

Types of advisors

Financial Advisor Direct offers all types of advisors including  restricted advisors  who may be limited to fewer options, but they may offer preferential rates.

Pension review

Retirement income planning

No two pensions are the same. Make sure your fund is not being eaten by charges or worse yet losing money. 

A Financial Advisor will look at your fund, chart its performance and investigate better options.

When it comes to pensions the faster you act the more you can earn. 

Inheritance tax planning

Legislation surrounding inheritance tax changes often. An Financial Advisor can help you avoid paying more than you need to on your estate.

There are a number of simple step you can take to take advantage of the law and reduce the amount of inheritance tax you'll pay.

A simple review maybe all that's required to assess or re-assess your estate's position.

No investment is risk free. There are many factors to consider when it comes to investing. You'll need to consider what stage of your life you're at, how much money you have to invest and what level of risk you're prepared to accept.

A Financial Advisor can help you decide where to draw your lines. They'll look at all the elements and consider your ambitions before advising you on what route to take.

Investments and  savings

The laws surrounding pensions changed in 2015. You can now withdraw funds held in your pension fund when you reach the age of 55.

These are not decisions to be taken lightly and it's always prudent to seek the appropriate advice before taking action.

There are numerous ways to make the most from this new legislation. A Financial Advisor can advise you on the ins and outs.

While Financial Advisor Direct  take every care in making their recommendation, any contract or agreement is between the selected financial advisor and the client. Financial Advisor Direct cannot be held liable for any failure on the part of either of the parties concerned. Financial Advisor Direct offers all types of advisors including restricted advisors who may be limited to fewer options, but they may offer preferential rates. Financial Advisor Direct is not authorised or regulated by the FCA.

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